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Authors: Ashley Prickett Cuttino Ashley Prickett Cuttino Bakker Madi A. Bakker

The New Wave of Data Breach Settlements


4.8 million. 10 million. 15 million. 25 million. Before 2014, these large numbers were likely to represent the number of individuals affected by a data breach. Today, they are the dollar figures that...

Overtime Changes Threaten the Exempt Status of Retail and Hospitality Managers


The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Committee on Employment Law held its spring meeting last week, and one of the hottest topics on the minds of the attendees concerned the impact that the...

New Fiduciary Regulations Require Retirement Investment Advisers to Act in Clients’ Best Interests


How Retailers Are Responding to the New “Ambush Election” Rules With Employee Engagement Strategies


IRS Traded in Your Chevy for a “Cadillac (ac-ac-ac-ac-ac) Tax”: Agency Issues First Guidance on the Implementation Code Section 4980I


New Law Restricts Employer Access to Employee Social Media Accounts, Including Through “Friend Requests”


Getting with the (Wellness) Program: EEOC Proposes New ADA Regulations for Wellness Programs


For some time, employers have faced uncertainty about the status of their wellness programs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). While the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability...

Employers Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Another Puzzling “Status Quo” Case Decided On Other Grounds




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